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Boutique Candle Sampler - We have five samplers to choose from. You may also create your own sampler with four scents of your choice.
(Scents may be rotated or updated from time to time. If more than 4 choose your own selections are made the first 4 will be chosen.)


Four 2oz Soy Candles included in each sampler.


Soy Candle, approximately 12 hours of burn time each. Our candles are dye free, and we only use phthalate free fragrance oils.


The Candle Samplers include the following scents:


Relaxation Sampler - Revive & Rejuvenate, Palm Beach, Spa Time, Caribbean Sea


Berry Sampler - Black Raspberry Vanilla, Blueberry Lavender Blossom, Strawberry Shortcake, Red Raspberry Coconut Milk


Citrus Sampler - Coconut Lime, Lemonade, Orange Burst, Salted Grapefruit


Sweet Treat Sampler - Pecan Praline, Cotton Candy, Candy Apple, Caramel Popcorn


Floral Sampler - Sweet Magnolias, Blueberry Lavender Blossom, Watermelon Honeysuckle, Pineapple Eucalyptus

*** Scent Descriptions***


Black Raspberry Vanilla - Ripe black raspberries are mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla.


Blueberry Lavender Blossom - Peaceful, serene, fresh, and calming lavender with hints of blooming lilac and sweet blueberries.


Buttercream Dream - Sweet, rich and creamy vanilla infused with melted butter and shredded coconut.


Caribbean Sea - Ginger, Spice, Dark Musk..A masculine, bold blend with spicy notes of ginger, peppercorn,spice and dark musk.


Coco Loco - Smooth creamy coconut milk and rum blend. Island aromas burst with scents of fresh mango, papaya and coconut shavings to complete this tropical paradise.


Coconut Lime - Refreshing zesty lime and creamy coconut.


Coconut Pineapple Sage - A tropical blend of fresh cut pineapple, earthy sage, and sweet coconut.


Cotton Linen - Crisp and clean aroma of clean cotton and linen sheets drying in the warm summer sun.


Cotton Candy - Sweet, light and fluffy cotton candy.A sweet treat the fresh, sugary scent of cotton candy just made at the fair.


Graceful Gardenias - Beautifully scented gardenias and lemon peel, fragrantly fresh and sweet.


Hawaiian Fantasy - Fragrant hibiscus, plumeria, and palm gives a lush, tropical, botanical aroma.


Jamaica Me Crazy - A tropical blend of fresh banana, coconut, pineapple, mango and sweet cane sugar.


Lemonade - The bright and sunny aroma of a freshly zested lemon.Fresh lemons lightly sprinkled with sugar.


Mango Sherbet - Exotic fusion of fresh mango and ripe citrus. Notes of papaya, peach and creamy coconut is a perfect blend for this tropical treat.


Melon Madness - Intense juicy blend of ripe melons. A lush summer trio of succulent watermelon, juicy cantaloupe, and sweet honeydew.


Orange Burst - Bright crisp citrus blend.Mouthwatering blood orange blends perfectly with hints of tangerine leaf, italian bergamot, tangelo, and sheer floral petals.


Orange Orchids - Smooth elegant blend of orchids intermingled perfectly with hints of tangerine leaf, italian bergamot, tangelo, and sheer floral petals.


Palm Beach - Coastal salty ocean air paired with zesty blood orange, beach driftwood,honeydew melon, golden amber and coconut.


Peachy Pear - Juicy peach and tart pear blend..Deliciously sweet hints of juicy peaches with the irresistible flavor of crisp pears.


Pecan Praline - Sweet smell of caramelized brown sugar and buttered pecans.A mouth-watering blend of caramel, salted pecans,and rich creamy butter.


Peony Princess - Bold spring blossoms, fragrant bouquet of Peonies and Freesia.


Pineapple Eucalyptus - Sweet juicy pineapple mingled with the refreshing scent of fresh cut eucalyptus leaves, and mixed tropical fruit.


Pomegranate Sangria - Plump pomegranate with raspberry blend.A blend of juicy apple, ripe pomegranate infused with freshly picked raspberries and orchids..


Red Raspberry Coconut Milk - A tantalizing combination of sweet raspberry, zesty mandarin,fresh blueberry, sweet crystallized sugar, and creamy coconut milk.


Revive & Rejuvenate - A clean, calming refreshing fragrance with notes of mint, refreshing ozone, soothing sea mist and aquatic blends to present this spa blend.


Salted Grapefruit - Sweet, refreshing ruby red grapefruit infused, garden fresh mint and sea salt. A wonderfully blended fruity and earthy combination.


Spa Time - Retreat to the spa with this calming and balanced aromatherapy fragrance that combines notes of lemongrass and black currant with hints of patchouli, jasmine,lime and sweet sugar cane.


Strawberry Shortcake - Sweet strawberries and cream.The aroma of sweet summer strawberries covering the delicious creaminess of a smooth vanilla.


Sunset Mimosa - A sweet bubbly citrus fragrance, perfectly mingled with sparkling champagne.


Sweet Magnolias - Serenity at its finest.. Aromatic magnolia blossoms, and blackberries mingle with notes of apple, and melon.


Tropical Sunset - A fruity fusion of strawberry, guava, passionfruit and mango with a hint of vanilla for a sweet, tropical mood.


Watermelon Honeysuckle - Captivating honeysuckle,quietly intermingled with lilac, rose buds and sweet watermelon.

Boutique Candle Sampler - 4 Piece Candle Set

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