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Boutique Bloom Box - Choose any four scents from our Spring Collection 

Four 4oz Soy Candles included in each box set.


Soy Candle, approximately 20-25 hours of burn time each. Our candles are dye free, and we only use phthalate free fragrance oils.


Bloom Box Scents


Blueberry Lavender Blossom - Peaceful, serene, fresh, and calming lavender with hints of blooming lilac and sweet blueberries.


Graceful Gardenias - Beautifully scented gardenias and lemon peel, frangrantly fresh and sweet.


Orange Orchids - Smooth elegant blend of orchids intermingled perfectly with hints of tangerine leaf, italian bergamot, tangelo, and sheer floral petals.


Peony Princess - Bold spring blossoms, fragrant bouquet of Peonies and Freesia.


Sweet Magnolias - Serenity at its finest.. Aromatic magnolia blossoms, and blackberries mingle with notes of apple, and melon.


Watermelon Honeysuckle - Captivating honeysuckle,quietly intermingled with lilac, rose buds and sweet watermelon.





Boutique Bloom Box - 4 Piece Candle Set

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