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BoutiqueNa'Shay Candle Co. Gift Set Giveway

Add BoutiqueNa'Shay Candle Company to your list of favorite candle shops! We have something for everyone, especially you!

Welcome! I am Tiffany the owner of BoutiqueNa’Shay Candle Company. For those of you who may not know much about us we are a Texas based Soy Candle company. We began our journey in candle making in May of 2020. Great care is taken in making our candles especially for your enjoyment. We offer a variety uniquely scented hand poured 100% Soy Wax Candles and Soy Wax Melts.

Thank you again to all who participated in our giveaway, and to all of our great customers for your support! It is greatly appreciated. If you haven't already, it's not too late to subscribe. You don't want to miss the next giveaway! Keep checking back because we have some new products coming this fall, as well as some terrific new scents that we know you will love!

Congratulations to the giveaway winners! Keep shopping on Dont forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @boutiquenashaycandle..We will see you soon!

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